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Midwifery FAQ

What is a CPM?
Certified Professional Midwives are well trained specialists of normal birth outside the hospital setting. The CPM credential is a competency-based credential and all CPMs must meet minimum standards of knowledge and clinical skills as defined by the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) and the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM). Certified Professional Midwives must pass standardized tests, be certified in neonatal resuscitation and CPR, and obtain continuing medical education.

What should I expect at the first visit?
We always start with an initial consult, so you can meet the midwives and have plenty of time to ask questions. This visit is intended for you to be able to decide if you would like to continue care with the midwives at Northern Sun. The initial prenatal appointment includes a thorough medical history, a physical examination, and lab work.

What is included in midwifery care?
Prenatal visits, 2 post partum home visits, 3 postpartum office visits, on-call care related to your pregnancy, and a massage at Northern Sun are all included in the delivery fee. Not included in this fee are charges for lab work, supplements or dispensary items, emergency labor supplies, or childbirth classes.

Can I have a water birth at home?
Yes. Many women choose to labor and birth in water, which provides a calming, relaxing atmosphere and eases the intensity of labor naturally. At Northern Sun, we have been offering water births since 1995. It is a safe and gentle way for the baby to transition from one warm watery environment to another. Plus, birthing in water encourages a woman’s partner to be supportive and involved.
See our gallery for images of water births.

Do I have to go somewhere else to get lab work done?
No. Most lab tests are collected in the office. For your convenience, lab testing can also be done at other facilities. Analysis and discussion of lab results is an integral part of the care we provide. We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding your lab tests. Ultrasounds can be ordered through local imaging centers as needed or if desired.

Are childbirth classes offered at Northern Sun?
Yes. Childbirth classes, hypnobirthing, sibling classes, doula services and bellycastings are offered with Tiffany Avery. For more information on childbirth and parenting classes call 207-798-2751 or e-mail Tiffany.

Can my child continue to be seen at Northern Sun?
Yes. As naturopathic doctors and midwives, we are qualified to provide pediatric care after regular midwifery care has been completed at 6 weeks. We recommend pediatric care at regular intervals that includes nutritional assessment and ensures your baby is meeting his or her developmental milestones.

Are naturopathic doctors and certified professional midwives covered by insurance?
A number of insurance companies cover naturopathic services and laboratory fees as well as home births. Please contact your insurance provider to determine if they cover naturopathic medicine and midwifery services. We would be happy to provide you with an invoice from our office to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Because we are a small office we do not bill insurance companies, and request payment at the time of service.

Can I get supplements from your office?
Yes, we carry most of the supplements we prescribe. We thoroughly research and selectively choose the products, including organic and wildcrafted herbs whenever possible. The products are physician grade and of the highest quality available.

Midwifery and naturopathic medicine are new to me – can I call with questions?
Yes, we encourage you to call (207) 798-3993 with any questions and our staff or doctors/midwives will be happy to help you.