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Birth Photo Gallery

Enjoy our gallery of families who have experienced the beauty of natural birth with Northern Sun.

Also, check out the “At Home in Maine” Film Series by Nicolle Littrell, a series of beautiful films about home birth in Maine! Patients may contact Northern Sun for the user name and password to view these films for free or go online to watch as a pay for view.

Through The Doorway

hands and knees
I look up
“call her again”
I hear myself say
my voice drifting away
a separate entity
from my body

lifetimes later
he replies
“she’s in the driveway’
and I feel my body
a little deeper
into birth rhythms

hands and knees
I rock back and forth
to that sacred hymn
of our beginnings
my voice fills space
with ancient sounds
only in this moment

through the doorway
I see her face
by early morning darkness
my body and spirit reconnect
with a tremendous sigh
I resign myself
to now

hands and knees
I feel her
leaving the cradle of my pelvis
sliding through me
resonating infinity
through my essence

my body breathes
and the word is released
into the cabin
into the heavens

hands and knees
I hear her cry
and then
I’m holding her tiny universe
on my belly
in my arms
in my heart

- Clay Theberge