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Birth Services

We offer the following midwifery and birth services for southern and midcoast Maine. Visit our testimonials page to read about real birth experiences with Northern Sun midwives.

  • 24 hour on call service for all patients of Northern Sun
  • Natural birth at the Birth Center at Northern Sun
  • Natural birth at Home
  • Specializing in Waterbirths
  • Well woman care
  • Complete prenatal care
  • Complete newborn exams and screenings
  • Pregnancy massage included in birth package
  • Lab work options discussed and individualized
  • On site laboratory testing
  • Pap smear testing
  • Contraception counseling including fertility awareness (natural family planning), femcap fittings, and hormonal methods

Birth Center

At Northern Sun, we are pleased to offer families in midcoast and southern Maine the option of having their babies at a birth center as well as at home. The Birth Center at Northern Sun is a clean, comfortable space adjoining the Northern Sun offices. It includes a family room, private bedroom, kitchen and built in birth tub in the birth suite, with surrounding gardens providing the freedom to walk, rest and relax during labor. Learn more about the Birth Center at Northern Sun.


Many women choose to labor and birth in water, which provides a calming, relaxing atmosphere and eases the intensity of labor naturally. At Northern Sun, we specialize in waterbirths and have been offering women the option of birthing in water since 1995.

Clinical Laboratory Testing and Ultrasounds

Laboratory testing is an essential tool that allows the practitioner to evaluate a patient’s state of health. These diagnostic approaches allow us to look deeply into how the body manifests illness. We use local laboratory services as well as specialty laboratories around the country that may focus on more unique conditions such as food allergies, and evaluation of hormonal or neurotransmitter production during pregnancy and postpartum. We use local hospitals and ultrasound facilities to perform ultrasounds when appropriate.

Some tests are collected in the office, while others can be completed in the home and mailed directly to the laboratory where it will be processed and the results sent to our office for interpretation. Analysis and discussion of lab results is an integral part of the care our doctors provide, to ensure complete understanding to aid in the innate healing ability of the body.


Due to our concern with issues regarding quality ingredients used in the manufacturing of supplements, we provide a full line of botanical and nutritional products that are carefully chosen and researched by our doctors.
At Northern Sun we are committed to using the highest quality, organically grown or wildcrafted herbs available. We are conscious of supporting responsible harvesting and processing techniques so that the best products will always be available for our patients use.

Newborn Hearing Screenings

Northern Sun is pleased to offer screening for hearing loss, without sending your family to a hospital. Testing is done in the office while your baby is in your arms, sleeping, or in a car seat. Testing will not hurt your baby, and usually takes 10 to 30 minutes.

It is important to know if your baby has hearing loss as soon as possible to allow your baby to get the special help needed for language and social development. We cannot always tell by watching a baby how well he or she can hear. Studies show that many children with hearing loss are not identified until they are over two years old, but the first two years of a child’s life are critical for speech and language development.

Other services offered at Northern Sun

Northern Sun has established agreements with the care givers below to make thier services easily available to our community. While these professionals manage separate practices from Northern Sun, they maintain regularly scheduled hours at our offices for your convenience.

Acupuncture with Cheri Suzuki R.N., L.Ac.. For more information on acupuncture and NAET an allergy elimination technique, call (207)751-7987. See www.themainepointaccupunture.com.

Find out more about these additional practitioners in "Our Practice."