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Sarah and Carrie are committed to empowering women to trust themselves and trust in birth. Despite our technological age, many people recognize that birth is a sacred time for a family.

"It would be all too easy to sum up my birth experience in one word…Wonderful. From my first visit, to the birth of my beautiful daughter, Dr. Sarah and Dr. Josie were always there for me and my family.

Having had a hospital birth prior to my home birth, I was able to fully appreciate how great a home birth can be. Dr. Sarah and Dr. Josie spend twice as much time with you during appointments, and really get to know you and your whole family. They don’t just hear what you want in a birth experience…They listen. I didn’t once have to remind them of the choices I’d made; As opposed to the hospital where, sad as it is, you have to fight to have a natural birth.

You can’t even imagine how wonderful it is to give birth and then just be with your family and new baby. I hadn’t even realized the amount of distractions that can take away from those first precious moments of life. Doctors, nurses, lab techs, repairs, checking vitals constantly, screaming women, screaming babies etc. Dr. Sarah and Dr. Josie did the checks that were necessary but mostly let us be a family and bond with our new baby.
Now that I’ve done both, I want to have more babies just so I can have them at home with Dr. Sarah and Dr. Josie!! "

~Brooke Daigle


TamathyRiver Daniel Louten came into this world through water birth in our sunroom. My husband, Danny, and I labored throughout the day, walking the dirt roads in Harpswell to keep the process moving along. It was a warm fall afternoon and the outside air was refreshing during each contraction. The midwives arrived at our side when needed and were a gentle presence. They encouraged me to be strong, yet relax when needed. As the sun set I walked about our home with my husband and these loving women at my side. In between rain storms, River peacefully came into the world surrounded by warm water. My husband was able to get in the water with us and share this moment of pure joy. Sarah and Josie continued to care for us as if we were family. They not only conducted full exams on myself and our new baby boy, they also made us breakfast in bed at 3:00 am!

I would not say that my husband and I are alternative people. We are your average young couple who wanted a safe and enjoyable birth. I am also a pediatric nurse, who has seen hospital birth and knew this was not the option for me. Danny and I took the time to look for another way to birth our child. We were pointed toward Northern Sun Family Healthcare by some friends. We are very grateful to have found these midwives (and naturopathic doctors) who are not only knowledgeable in their art of medicine...they also have gentle loving hearts. We could not have asked for a more satisfying birth experience.

- Tamothy and Daniel Louten


sadyeI began seeing Sarah for midwifery services for the home birth of my daughter and soon thereafter left my functional healthcare facility for northern sun.  Sarah is our primary doctor, but we have had the pleasure of  working with many wonderful people, including Allison, Denise, other midwives and practitioners through Northern Sun.

The care that my daughter and I have received has astounded me in many ways.  Their genuine affection and devotion is deep and overwhelming.   Having been treated both allopathically and holistically, I have never before experienced such whole care.  With so many paths to take, Sarah guides you down the one that  is right for you. I feel blessed to have become a part of this amazing family.  I know that with them, my family will be safe, healthy, and receive the best of care.

- Sadye and Jon Clark


kemiHaving a home birth was the most empowering experience I have ever had to date. I had so much support and confidence in my ability to birth my baby. There was never a time during the entire labor and birth that I was made to feel as though I couldn't do it. Everyone told me that I could and it was that strength and support that helped me stay focused. My care was very individualized and respectful of my wishes. At my prenatal visits, the power of choice was always given back to me along with all the information I needed to make an informed choice. I especially loved that I could simply go to my own bed and rest after giving birth. There is nothing like being in your own space after having a baby. I plan on having all of my babies at home as I did with my first. Thank you Dr. Sarah!

- Kemi and Jeff Jadryev


I came to Northern Sun and to see Sarah Ackerly with my second pregnancy, searching for a better birth than that of my first child. I knew I could not bear to have another hospital birth, and I knew Sarah would do everything she could to ensure my birth was at home, just as I wanted. While I may have come in looking for a better birth, in actuality, I got the best birth possible. The combination of having Sarah as my midwife and using the tools of hypnobirthing proved to be invaluable to me. I enjoyed my labor, and I enjoyed my birth; two statements I had never thought possible.

Hypnobirthing and home birthing allowed me to really experience the beautiful process of labor & delivery. I had heard some women talk about painless births, and I had immediately dismissed those women's experiences as hippy delusions. When it came time for my own home birth, I surrendered to this idea. Surrendering was the smartest decision I have ever made. My labor was certainly intense, but it was not painful, because it was not fearful. That is the beauty of home birth and midwifery. I knew that my body, my baby, and I were going to do this whole birth well, and I surrendered to that force.

Home birthing changed me; I took back the most important act of my life. I took it back from the medical establishment and all its fear-based sterilizations; I took it back from everyone who told me that labor & delivery was a horrific experience to fear in such magnitude that I best not have any more children; I took it back for myself, my daughters, and my future grandchildren.

Blessed are the midwives who helped me get there.

- Kim Allen and Max Harvey


jenBirthing my two sons at home were magical moments for me. With Sarah's gentle guidance, calm presence, and vast knowledge and skill, I knew I was in the best hands possible.  From my first prenatal visit through my postpartum care, Sarah's confidence in natural pregnancy and birth always put me at ease and allowed me to believe in my body's ability to carry, birth and ultimately parent my children. I could not have imagined it without her!

- Jen Reich and Jon Janczuk


KateThank you so much for your incredible support and wisdom throughout the birthing process! It was all we hoped for and more! You all helped us usher in this new chapter of joy in such a beautiful way. For all of this, we are forever grateful.

- Kate Brennan and Matt Schloboem


kimI have had the privilege of birthing both of my children with Sarah. My husband and I choose her as our midwife because we both were drawn to Sarah’s warm personality and professional, yet down to earth, manner. Our prenatal visits were a joy. Sarah always took time to answer our many questions and share helpful information not only for birthing, but transitioning to our new role as parents.

Our daughter, who recently turned eight, was born almost seven weeks early so it was necessary to birth her at Maine Medical Center. Sarah accompanied us to the hospital and remained a part of our support team. Sarah’s calm spirit, vast knowledge, and positive support contributed to us experiencing a beautiful natural birth even though we were in the hospital.

Four and a half years later we were thankful for the chance to finally get our home birth. Once again, Sarah was such a critical factor in our birth journey as our son come peacefully into the world with a lovely water birth.

In addition to experiencing the joy of birthing with Sarah personally, I also had a chance to work with some of her clients during six years that I spent teaching HypnoBirthing childbirth classes. In connecting with my class participants after their births, I have only heard wonderful things about birthing with Sarah. Sarah has continued fulfilling a role in our family healthcare through her Naturopathic practice. I feel so grateful that she has chosen to offer her expertise to Maine communities. Many families are truly blessed because of her warm heart and healing hands!

- Kim and Zach Mazone

kerowynTV shows, movies, and conversations with others paint a picture of a horrid scene of labor and child birth where a lot of intervention is needed. But the truth is, even though labor is a very intense experience, it is one of the most empowering experiences a woman will ever go through. I did not want anything to take that away from me or my little girl. So having a home birth was the only option for us.

A home birth meant that I was in complete control. A home birth meant that I had designed the atmosphere my daughter would be born into. A home birth meant that I did not have to rush for anything: others came to me. No drugs; no dulling of the experience; and an experienced midwife to encourage me to open to my body's natural rhythms. She oversaw that all was going safely. And when you meet that little one for the first time, she is already home. For the first seven days, I didn't have to go anywhere. That meant that I was able to relax where I chose and be at ease the entire time. You can't beat that for service and comfort!

- Kerowyn and Alex Guillotte