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Carrie Werner

Carrie is a Naturopathic doctor and midwife. She grew up in Connecticut and completed her bachelor degree in Psychology in Washington DC. Carrie spent 2.5 years in Honduras as public health volunteer in the Peace Corps and loved living a simpler, more natural way of life. Having always felt a call to medicine, her time in Honduras helped Carrie to decide to attend Naturopathic medical school to support her budding interest in natural healing therapeutics with her call to medicine.

Carrie attended the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland Oregon where she earned her Naturopathic medical degree and completed an apprenticeship in Naturopathic midwifery. After completing her medical studies Carrie moved to Melbourne, Australia and opened a Naturopathic practice as well as teaching at a natural therapies college.

Carrie is passionate about empowering her patients in their healthcare and is dedicated to supporting them in their journey to optimal wellness. She is committed to meeting people where they’re at in their journey and providing support that fits into their lifestyle. She and her patients work in partnership to achieve their goals through a variety of treatments.

Carrie is very excited about growing her practice here at Northern Sun and is looking forward to providing educational opportunities in the community.